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MSN Web Hosting

Most businesses have web pages as part of the normal course of doing business. In 2003, e-commerce generated $12.2 billion dollars of revenue. Since then, this number has only gone up as more consumers not only feel comfortable with online shopping, but also as the Internet gains users.

However, just putting your business on the Internet is not a guarantee of success. Just as your business's website can generate customers and revenue for your company, it can also have a negligible or even negative effect if your site is cluttered or confusing. Merely having a website may not be enough for your particular business. You may have a great mind for business but no computer savvy or graphic design skills. You also may not want to pay the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a professionally-designed website.

When you use MSN.net Hosting, you'll be getting the best value in web hosting. You'll also get included a free web design by one of our experienced web designers. We'll consult with you by phone to make sure that our design for your web page is precisely in line with what you're looking for. You will naturally have the final say in the look of your website, since our goal is to make you happy.

For small business owners, we have several hosting options. Each of MSN.net Hosting's options has unlimited email accounts, logo design, site control panel, web design, and more. Our best value is our eCommerce Plus plan, which also includes a shopping cart and gives your site the ability to process credit card payments. You may also transfer your existing web site to MSN.net Hosting, which includes a free redesign of your site, if you desire it.

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