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Domain Name Registration And Hosting: A Brief History

The Internet, which began in 1969 (and was then known as ARPANET), started with a mere four computers. Today, this number has grown to tens (if not hundreds) of millions of computers. What began as a tool for scientists to share information has exploded into the greatest informational revolution since the advent of the printing press. Remember the days when you used to grab the Yellow Pages to look up a business' phone number or peruse the classified ads of your local paper? A quick search on your computer or eBay.com has now revolutionized these older methods of obtaining the information you want.

MSN.Net HostingThe number of websites on the Internet is staggering; in late 2001 there were nearly 40 million. The variety of these web pages is almost beyond calculation. There are corporate websites, retail sites, news/information sites, small business sites, and personal web pages. If you wish to start your own web page, whether it's personal or for your small business, Pangea Webhosting (formerly MSN.Net Hosting) offers you the best deal in the industry.

We can tell you if your domain name is available and register it for you. If you have a domain name already, we can provide hosting for you. Or, if you have neither, we can do both for one low price. In fact, if you use Pangea Webhosting (formerly MSN.Net Hosting) both for domain name registration and web hosting, the name registration is included free of charge.

Speaking of free of charge, what truly separates us is this: when you choose one of our hosting plans, you'll get a professionally designed web site included at no additional cost. For the same price you'd pay elsewhere just for hosting, we include the web design. You'll get the same professional web designers who create sites for our corporate clients. We will work with you so that your site is exactly how you want it to be.

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