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Ecommerce Shopping Cart

For large retailers, selling their wares over the Internet is a nice way to increase their revenues without significantly increasing their overhead. For smaller retailers, such as small local businesses, the desire may be there, but the ability to implement this may be lacking. If you're starting a new business, folding in the costs to have a professionally-designed website can be substantial and, in some cases, undoable.

When you use Pangea Webhosting (formerly MSN.Net Hosting) for your small business's webhosting needs, this problem is neatly solved. For the same price other providers charge for merely hosting your site, we include at no additional charge a professionally-designed web page. The immediate advantage to this is clear: you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get your web page up and running.

We at Pangea Webhosting offer three tiers of webhosting choices. For small businesses that wish to sell their products over the Internet, the best option is the eCommerce Plus package. This option gets you a powerful shopping card and allows your website to accept credit card purchases. This, however, is just the beginning of the advantages we can offer you.

Our staff has the marketing skills to help you create a site that gets results. We create your website from the ground up; the site you get will be as unique as your business is. We work with you so that your site will be exactly what you're looking for. In fact, we guarantee it. To view an example of an eCommerce Plus web site, please visit our portfolio page to get an idea of our professionally designed, clear and elegant online stores.

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