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Accommodating mobile WAP users on your website. Treo 650 website design and hosting.   (7/18/2005)

The Treo 650 is a smart-phone that has truly wonderful web-browsing and email capabilities. As the number of Treo (and other smart-phone) users increase so does the need to accommodate them by designing a mobile-friendly website. We offer hosting solutions that do just that and even come with a mobile-friendly subdomain such as mobile.yoursite.com.

Designing mobile-friendly WAP accessible websites...

Viewing your MSN.Net Hosting website is as simple as opening the Blazer web-browser and going to www.yoursite.com. From there you will be able to browse your site as though you were on a normal computer.

Our sites our optimized for bandwidth and we offer mobile compatible webhosting. With the growing number of mobile users it is becoming more important to adapt your website to providing mobile content.

When your site is designed we can add a subdomain such as mobile.yoursite.com that will cater to customers that visit your site with a hand-held device. Often it is key to list your company's main objective, contact information and quick links on a mobile-friendly webpage.

Contact us at 877-467-6932 or click here to view our hosting plans. We offer professional web site design as well as mobile web site design for free with new hosting signups.  

An overview of the Treo Handheld...

The included VersaMail® email client makes it easy to access and manage your email on the go – whether you use a popular desktop email client, IMAP or POP3. View photos, HTML, and even native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments. Synchronize your corporate Microsoft Exchange email and calendar with built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® Or, opt to exchange quick thoughts, ideas, and images on the fly – all from a single inbox – with the built-in text and picture messaging application. With your messages threaded in a chat-style view, you'll be able to see the entire conversation.

Access a whole world of websites – without wires. Get driving directions from the road. Check the latest headlines while waiting in line. Or download ringtones, applications and more, directly to your device. Web sites load quickly and the built-in Blazer® web browser


Treo 650 Smartphone


Free site design and mobile-friendly subdomain with every new hosting signup!


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