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Small Business Website Design

Owning a small business can be immensely rewarding. You are your own boss, you set your own hours, and your hard work will be rewarded. But it can also be stressful, since your success can be hard-fought, and all the choices and responsibilities are yours to shoulder alone. MSN.net Hosting, though, has the tools to help small business owners thrive, even in today's harsh business climate.

One of the best ways for any small business owner to succeed is by having a well-designed, well thought out website. If you don't have web-designing skills, you'd have to pay $500, $1000, or even more to get a high-quality website. Thanks to MSN.net Hosting, this is no longer true.

When you choose one of our webhosting options, we provide a small business website design free of charge. Our website designers are all professionals; these are the same designers that create sites for our corporate and enterprise clients. Your site will be created from scratch, based on your wishes and specifications. You'll have a phone conference to discuss your needs, and we'll handle the rest. You'll also have your own account representative who will be with you from start to finish and is available to answer any or all of your questions.

At MSN.net Hosting, we take care of everything for you, which removes the guesswork from the process. Our sites are designed to be easily maintained, so even those without any prior knowledge or experience can handle the site's upkeep without a hitch. We also give you the option of having a shopping cart, complete with the ability to accept credit card payments on your site. We integrate your site with online search engines, which will expose you to a much larger client base than you could expect otherwise.

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