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Start An Online Store

If you've seen any of the half-dozen or so Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movies from decades past, you'll know the central tenet of these films was, "Let's put on a show!" It the last 1990s, during the Internet boom, that changed to, "Let's create a website!" Then the so-called internet bubble burst, but this was due to over-saturation as much as anything else. The fact is businesses can succeed on the Internet, but they have to be as rigorously run and carefully planned as a non-Internet venture.

Staring an online store can be quite lucrative, if you set it up the right way. To do it right, you'll probably need some help. If that's the case, then MSN.net Hosting can provide all the help you'll need.

MSN.net Hosting has the marketing know-how and resources to put your online store on the map and to help it thrive. When you choose our eCommerce Plus hosting package, you'll get not only 500 MB of webspace and unlimited email addresses, but also a powerful online shopping cart that will allow your site to sell goods directly over the Internet. We will also enable you to accept credit card payments online.

Best of all, MSN.net Hosting provides a free professionally-designed website with all of our hosting packages. Our web designers and marketing staff will help your store maximize its potential. We'll integrate your site with several online search engines, so when customers search for a product you sell, they'll be put in touch with your site. To see an example of one of our eCommerce Plus sites, please visit our online portfolio.

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