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Web Domain Name Registration

The Internet is a living thing. It changes and grows every day, with new sites being added and old ones removed. Not to mention sites that are updated continually. If you're planning on starting your own website, the first step is to purchase your domain name.

You might think, with somewhere in the vicinity of 40 million websites worldwide, that there aren't many domain names left. This is certainly not true. Just as big cities add new area codes when more telephone numbers are required, new extensions have been added to domain names. Where once your choices were .com, .org, or .net (.gov and .edu are specialized and not available to the general public), now you may also choose from .biz, .info, .name, and more.

There are numerous places on the Internet that allow you to register your web domain name. Some of these are of questionable reliability. One site that you can trust is MSN.net Hosting. Not only can you register your web domain name, but we have a spate of other options for you as well.

Once you've picked your name, you can purchase it (and get a website with unlimited email accounts) or you can bundle it together with one of our hosting plans. When you choose a hosting plan, your web domain registration is free of charge. Additionally, we offer a free professionally website design with all of our hosting options. Separately, these three things could cost you thousands of dollars. With MSN.net Hosting, this can cost you as little as $23.95.

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