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Website Domain Name Registration

When you're starting a web site, the easiest thing to do is registering the domain name. This can also be the most frustrating part. Especially if this website is for your existing business.

Let's say you own a party supply store called "Party Party." You, naturally, want this to be the name of your website. However, when you look it up, you'll learn that "www.partyparty.com" is already taken. In fact, most permutations of "partyparty" are already taken. Now you'll have to use some creativity. You could change it to "www.sharonspartyparty.com," or "www.partytimepart.com," or any number of other choices.

To look up domain names, you'll need a search engine of some kind. At MSN.net Hosting, we have such a search engine. Once you find a name you like, you can register it through us.

Registering your domain name means that it's solely yours for one year from the purchase date. You'll have to renew this registration every year (just like with your car). We give you another option, though, at MSN.net Hosting. You can also purchase a webhosting package that will include your website domain name registration. When you do sign up for one of our webhosting packages, in addition to including the domain name registration, we'll also provide you with a free, professionally-designed website at no additional cost. If you were to purchase these three items separately else where, it could cost you more than $1000. At MSN.net Hosting, all this can be yours for as low as $23.95 per month.

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