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Corporate Infrastructure Sites
 Corporate member sites that facilitate communication and collaboration.

Click here for more info on our personal/small business hosting Pangea Webhosting is a spin-off of our larger entity, MSN.Net Hosting. Our split ensures a more tailored service for our small to medium sized business clients, which Pangea Webhosting specifically caters to. If your company requires custom enterprise-level webhosting solutions please contact us at 877-467-6932 for more information on our corporate-only hosting service, MSN.Net Hosting.

MSN.Net Hosting

Need webhosting for your small to medium sized business? Well you are in the right place... click here for more information.

Communicate Communicate wisely
It's how work gets done. Collaborate, solve problems and share ideas... your new corporate website makes this simple. From discussion boards that allow members to get answers to their questions directly from other members, to a file store for disseminating corporate manuals ensuring everyone in your organization is in touch.

Limit Overhead Limit overhead
A web-presence is there to make member communication and support easier, yet so many times technology adds to corporate overhead. Our sites are designed to decrease the need for user intervention and limit maintenance. All our services come with easy to use control panels, making administration a breeze even for novice users. This makes your new site a boon, not a burden.

You Control Your Site Your site... in your hands
Site news, content and forum administration are fully within your control. Instead of having your webhost provide costly site updates that usually happen infrequently.. establish site moderators/administrators within your organization that can update and maintain your site with greater ease and frequency.

eCommerce Solutions Ecommerce solutions
As with our e-commerce sites, we provide these services to the corporate environment as well. Setup a member-only corporate eShop where members can purchase marketing materials directly from the franchise.

Custom Solutions 100% custom solutions
Each site is designed from the ground up from our bastion of code and built specifically to meet our end-users requirements. Professional design that pushes the limits of technology while providing easy to use websites is our forte. Technologies such as Flash, php and perl come standard. A picture speaks a thousand words, so just have a look at our portfolio.

Security is Key Security is key
Daily site backups ensure you never loose information
24 hour server monitoring
SSL security certificates keep your site secure
Secure-FTP access
99.97% uptime guarantee
Features Many more features
All our plans start with at least 2 gigabytes of online storage, and unlimited email accounts. Since we custom-tailor our sites to meet your needs if you want features not listed, our team of coders can design exactly what you require.


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